"Summer Workshop for all age groups coming soon. Keep Looking this space for more information" We are offering Online Classes for Indian Classical Vocal/ Light Classical Vocal and Instruments i.e. Synthesizer, Piano, Guitar, Tabla & Violin. Class by Pre-registration only.Skype id- "path.of.music"


Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. has received educational excellence award by Global Quality Awards (GQA), presented by Film actress Karisma Kapoor.

We have also been awarded by One Planet Research for being Best Music & Dance Training Institute In Delhi/NCR and Most Promising Music & Dance Academy in Delhi-NCR by BIG (Brands, Individuals and Geographies) Research Pvt. Ltd. and TIMES group.

The list of Chief guests at the ceremony included eminent personalities like Cabinet Minister Mr. Kalraj Mishra, Test Cricketer Mr. V.V.S. Laxman, Ad Guru Mr.Prahlad Kakkar a leading Indian ad film director (best known for his work on the famous Pepsi TV commercial with Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar), Mr. Anand Kumar - Educationist, Mathematician, Columnist, Shri Rama Chandra Khuntia, member of parliament, and Smt. Khausalya Roy, Director Oriental Insurance Company.


Now is the high time to own brand PMDAC (Path of Music Pvt. Ltd., Dance & Arts) – it is your gateway to a flourishing business and of course, financial freedom!

Franchise is the BUZZWORD. The reasons are many and they all are well documented. Yet the most prominent reason in favor of Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. franchise is that your venture will be based on the proven business model that has been replicated profitably on many locations and you know the future business projections ( based, of course, on real data) before you start your venture. As well, you as a franchisee will enjoy the privilege of complete logistics support and all other allied assistance in setting up and operational zing your franchise by the core team of hardcore professionals from the PMDAC corporate. Path of Music Pvt. Ltd., Dance & Art College (PMDAC) - a unit of PMDAC College of Performing Arts - offers a low investment, near-zero risk, profitably replicated business model that is in sync with the today’s socio-economic scenario. According to the national market surveys by the leading market research firms, current creative industry trade mark, music and performing arts school financially very sound, viable and long-term sustainable business proposition.
Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. has a unique, time-tested and successfully replicated business model across multiple locations in Delhi & NCR.

PMDAC offers a lucrative business opportunity to artists, budding entrepreneurs, home makers and others who wish to start their own creative and financially rewarding business with a return on investment (ROI) of 300% in a single agreement term.
PMDAC offers a highly successful business model which is extremely lucrative and very well sustainable over a long term period.

Our core business team of hardcore professionals will work for you right from the start-up stage to operational stage of your franchise. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our franchisees for complete back assistance on any aspect of the business from recruitment, marketing, administrative support or accounts support or any contingency, should one arise.

PMDAC offers its franchisee, a top notch brand image, tons of goodwill and years of accumulated experience of successfully running the music and performing arts teaching and training business model. The commitment, enthusiasm and sound business sense of our core team, coupled with their proven track record will ensure a highly profitable business for our franchisees.

Benefits for PMDAC Franchisee:-

  • Authorization of working on a proven and highly successful educational model.
  • Complete back assistance of a Internationally recognized and leading brand in the field of Music & Performing arts.
  • Total technical and other assistance in setting up the center including infrastructure, aesthetics and all technical things.
  • Highly transparent, competent and responsive management system
  • Expeditious erection and launch of the franchise by our team of hard core professionals.
  • Local, national and global promotional and marketing support.
  • Expert guidance & total Logistics Support from the corporate office in Gurgaon (H.R.)
  • Complete Operational guidance to resolve the day to day issues and implementing new ideas for up gradation of your Franchise.
  • Comprehensive education & training of new franchise personnel on PMDAC methodologies.
  • PMDAC offers you all creative freedom for operating PMDAC franchise, provided you follow the core philosophy and principles of the company.
  • PMDAC Franchisee will have the discretion to use the capital in whichever way he/she deems appropriate.
  • Operational break-even from the very first month.

PMDAC Requirements of the franchisee:-
Should possess some background in music, dance and fine arts. Or has a strong inclination for music and performing arts

  • Values the contribution of music, dance and performing arts in our day to day life.
  • Sincere intentions of running this unique concept and making a success of it.
  • Should be a graduate and fluent in Hindi /English or other regional languages.
  • Good in public relations and people management.
  • He may have side businesses.
  • He believes in making the professional education of these arts abundantly available across India and around the world.

Terms & Agreements
1. Franchise fee:

(i) INR 10 Lakhs (All major Indian cities)
It must be renewed after every 10 years. Renewal amount Rs. 1,00000

(ii) INR 8 Lakhs (All major Indian cities)
It must be renewed after every 10 years. Renewal amount Rs. 70,000

(iii) INR 6,00,000 (Only for Rural Area)
It must be renewed after every 10 years. Renewal amount Rs. 50,000

(iii) USD 14,500 (Anywhere outside India)
It must be renewed after every 10 years. Renewal amount USD 1500

Area required: Minimum 2000 sqft –3000 sqft

2. Per month Fees Rs.6,000 (Rural)/ Rs.10,000(Cities)/ USD 220(abroad) respectivly subjected to increase time to time because of the following reasons:-

  • Ads in Local magazines, Newspapers: Rs.3680 per day.
  • Ads through websites and mail like: Just dial, Ask laila, Ibibo, Indiamart, Adwords Google etc.
  • www.pathofmusic.com www.pathofmusic.in website hosting charges every month.

3. Following things will be uniquely available for Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. in the whole NCR & Haryana.

  • ISO certification (which is to be renewed every 3years).
  • Music, Dance and Art College to be a registered name.
  • Trademark to be registered.
  • Affiliated by : - Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad
  • Status of Pvt. Ltd. company

  • Also, the above mentioned are probably for the first time for a College like Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. (PMDAC).

    We can provide the below mentioned instruments and accessories during the setup (Payable).
    1. All musical accessories and instruments required (applicable as per subject)

  • 06 Acoustic Guitars & 8 foot rests, 8 paper stands, guitar stand
  • 02 Electric Guitars, 1Base Guitar
  • 02 Acoustic Guitars for kids
  • 02 guitar tuner
  • 02 Piano (Digital/Upright)
  • 20 sets strings for lead & bass guitar
  • 30 Pick for lead & bass guitar
  • 20 sets strings for Tanpura,Violin,Sitar
  • 02 White writing board
  • 05 Synthesizer (Yamaha )
  • 01 Drums set (Yamaha & gb & a and other company)
  • 04 Violins
  • 02 Tablas
  • 02 Harmonium
  • 02 Sitars
  • 02 Tanpura (1Male & 1Female)
  • 01 Amplifier (lead ) 40 watt
  • 01 Amplifier (Bass ) 40 watt
  • 06 DJ light
  • 05 Head phone

  • 2. CD\DVD Player

    3. TV in all rooms

    4. Air Conditioner

    5. CC TV Camera

    6. Wall size mirror in the dance room.

    7. Changing room with mirror

    8. Towel stand & tissue papers with stand


    1. If you are vacating a teacher or appointing a new teacher, Franchiser should be informed before doing so.

    2. You may follow the Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. prospectus already available or if you are changing anything in that, the Franchiser should be informed of the same.

    3. PMDAC (course or learning) Certificate shall be given to a student only after 6months completion by the students.

    4. Fee structure shall be known to PMDAC as and when Franchiser change it.

    5. Parents shall not be allowed inside the classroom without permission.

    6. The Franchisee shall follow the rules and conditions mentioned in the PMDAC website for any Competition to be held.

    Franchisee fee – 8 Lakhs

    Setup Cost – 5 Lakhs

    Lakhs Launching – 3 Lakhs

    Per Month expenditure of the College – 65,000

    Contact for Franchise